Why do people prefer to debadge their luxury cars?

luxury cars used
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Many owners who buy a brand new, high-end luxury car request the company to remove the emblem or related tags, along with the model specifics, simply to keep the car subtle and ordinary looking. Many owners do it for security reasons, too, so that their ride is not easily recognized or tagged by miscreants.

Some owners, who get their luxury car modified, also prefer to debadge their ride to smooth out the body work. Emblems and tags can look out of place in modified vehicles. Some customers debadge their luxury cars to ease out the cleaning process. Some logos or emblems are difficult to clean, and residues can settle in the services that are not easy to get rid of.

Many advertising agencies or production houses debadge the luxury cars used in their commercial videos or movies to avoid endorsing the brand of the car unless exclusively requested by the manufacturer. Drivers do not get paid for advertising the cars, so they remove the logo too.

High-end luxury cars that are modified for ultra-high performance are also sometimes debadged to maintain the anonymity of the vehicle. Cars modified for street racing are also rebadged and sometimes stripped down to minimum parts to reduce weight and increase performance.

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