Which luxury car is most reliable? -

Which luxury car is most reliable?

which luxury car is most reliable
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Luxury cars are mostly known for performance, comfort, or reliability. While every major luxury car manufacturer tries to imbibe these basic values while manufacturing their product, only a few are able to find the perfect balance. Old global automakers have developed lines throughout decades to improve their products significantly. The more research and development-focused approach has enabled these manufacturers to produce the best of the best cars over the years.

Volvo is one such automaker that has garnered respect due to the overall high safety and reliability quotient in the Indian car market. The Swedish automaker officially entered the domestic market in the year 2007 with the S60 and XC90, and since then has produced and sold almost 2000 cars annually in India alone.

The Bengaluru-based plant was already producing luxury buses for major state road transport corporations of India, and Volvo waited for the sector to mature without compromising on the quality. The safety features onboard all Volvo vehicles make them a force to reckon with all over the world. While the major global leaders in the luxury automobile sector have now and then compromised on the quality of their products to match the cost-sensitive market requirements, Volvo has been known to stay fixed on their quality.

Volvo cars in India are no doubt expensive too in this regard. The Indian consumer is now realizing the importance of safety and reliability more than ever. Volvo is making use of this opportunity to capture the market steadily. The results from the Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) survey have backed the reliability of the brand in recent years. The most important feature that Volvo cars have imbibed in their vehicles is the AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) system that guarantees collision prevention in most dire situations.

Over a 5 year ownership period, Volvo owners have reported fewer visits to the service centre and fewer faults as compared to BMW or Mercedes. The Swedish carmaker also ensures constant monitoring of its on-road vehicles for collecting data to improve their vehicle’s performance. All in all, Volvo stands out as one of the most reliable luxury car brands in India.

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