Which is the best Second-hand Luxury Car to Buy? -

Which is the best Second-hand Luxury Car to Buy?

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A 2014-2016 edition Audi A6 is the best buy when it comes to buying a second hand luxury car in India. The German giant, along with Mercedes and BMW, has made a strong presence for itself in the domestic car market in recent years. While some may argue that one should go for either Mercedes or BMW when it comes to buying a second hand car, Audi stands out due to the durability factor that it brings to the table like none other. 

Let’s face it, high-performance cars offered by luxury car makers are bound to be tested in harsh conditions by the owners. The driving styles, upkeep, and maintenance differ from owner to owner. Young enthusiasts tend to push these machines to their limits, while executive class individuals tend to go soft on the vehicles. While Mercedes is preferred by institutions and organizations, BMW tends to be sought after by performance enthusiasts.

Audi lies squeeze comfortably in between the two and blends in the luxury factor with the performance into a single, complete package. The A6 is a long executive class sedan that was offered in three variants in India from 2015 to 2019. The latest Audi A6 is the 8th Generation, which is the direct successor of the Audi A6 7th generation produced and sold between 2015 and 2019.

The 7th generation Audi A6 was offered in the engine capacities of 1798cc for petrol and 1998cc for the diesel variant. While both the engines are highly refined and performance-oriented, we recommend opting for the petrol variant while purchasing a used Audi A6 that was produced between 2015 and 2019. The turbochargers on-board the diesel variant can pose some issues late into the lifespan of the vehicle and can be difficult to maintain.

The petrol variant is refined, smooth, and high on the comfort quotient. While you do not get to enjoy the dual-screen infotainment system onboard the new Audi A6, the cockpit is nonetheless exciting and thrilling. Audi maintains the reputation of loading its vehicles with features that cannot be matched by anyone at the price they offer. Thus, all in all, buying a used Audi A6 can be a good bargain.

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