Which car would be better? A new sedan or a pre-owned luxury car if usage is under 15k per year. Is it too costly to maintain a used luxury car? -

Which car would be better? A new sedan or a pre-owned luxury car if usage is under 15k per year. Is it too costly to maintain a used luxury car?

Is it too costly to maintain a used luxury car
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If you are looking for a reliable car and you are planning to use it fir at least 10 years, you must go for a new sedan. The major difference between a new sedan and a used luxury car is the maintenance cost that can be very high for a luxury car if you don’t pay enough attention.

If you are a car enthusiast who is driven by performance and luxury, a used luxury car is for you. That is because they are cheaper, sometimes the value goes down by more than 50% of their original cost. The affordability factor brings along another perk, that is, to experience the thrill without having to shell out a substantial amount of money, especially in a cost-sensitive market like India.

If you look for a car for your normal commute and easier to maintain without frequent runs to the service centre, you should definitely opt for a premium sedan from some of the international brands that have a long presence in the market. That will not only save you from the hassle of dealing with complex machinery and electronics but will also prove economical in the long run.

Luxury cars are neither cheap nor easy to maintain. Even for a used luxury car, one should do thorough research beforehand. There can be many fraudulent deals doing rounds in the market and one can get duped easily. If you don’t have that much time or patience, you can stick to the traditional premium sedan segment to find a car that you need and not just want to flaunt.

A used luxury car can easily be bought for almost the same price as a brand new premium sedan, but the needs and wants differ from one consumer to another consumer. The Indian luxury car market is evolving fast, and with more exposure to Tier II and Tier I cities, the market is expanding too. People are willing to try something new and used luxury cars in pristine conditions are giving those options to them. While all this may seem rosy, there is no luxury car that you can maintain within INR 15,000. Annual average costs will always go beyond the INR 25,000 mark due to the high cost of even simple replacements such as engine and transmission oils.

Thus, we recommend that a decision such as this should depend entirely on what you want from your car.

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