Where is the best place to find one owner, used luxury cars for sale in India? -

Where is the best place to find one owner, used luxury cars for sale in India?

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The Indian luxury car market has been growing rapidly since 2015 because of the relaxation of government policies and the entrance of new companies in the country, who were, till then, catering to the rest of the world. Additionally, the luxury carmakers, already in the country since the early 2000s, have started rolling out newer upgrades more frequently to keep up with the competition.

The increase in the spending capacity of the Indian consumer and reduction in price have given a boost to the sales of luxury cars. However, people nowadays are more interested in buying a used or pre-owned luxury car rather than committing to a brand new vehicle. The idea is to experience comfort and performance for a short period and at a very cheap price, as a brand new luxury car depreciates by almost 25% as soon as it is bought.

In India, all these factors have paved the way for organized, dedicated dealerships for dealing in one-owner-used luxury cars. It has become easier to find single owner used cars as information is being exchanged at lightning-fast speeds. Buyers interested in buying a used luxury car anywhere in India can find the details of these dedicated dealerships online.

Companies like Big Boy Toyz, Mahindra First Choice Select, and more have opened their centers in major cities all over the country. They are expanding their network to Tier-II and Tier-II cities of India. These dealerships have made buying easier for first-time buyers. Some companies like Audi and BMW have also entered the pre-owned segment through their well-established network. BMW, for instance, allows consumers to drive home a pre-owned, certified car of their choice and offers extended warranty options as well.

It is easier to find a pre-owned luxury car anywhere in India now, thanks to the proactive approach of luxury car manufacturers and dealers all over the country. Organized players understand the market dynamics and the inclination of the consumer. This cause and effect have resulted in more vehicles exchanging hands every day across the country than ever.

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