What’s your least favorite luxury car? -

What’s your least favorite luxury car?

Indian luxury car market
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The formerly British luxury brand, Jaguar, has been known to have some of the other reliability issues of late. The discontinued Jaguar XJ was one of the least popular luxury cars because it was overpriced and had high maintenance costs! The Jaguar XJ was discontinued in 2016 as the sales were nosedived. The XJ was Jaguar’s offering against BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-class, both of which rate highly on reliability and luxury.

Jaguar has started facing dependability trouble since the year 2014. The British luxury carmaker could not score anywhere near Audi, BMW, and Mercedes regarding reliability tests. Jaguar has always seemed to focus more on styling and performance and a little less on durability. The common problems that users often faced during 4 year ownership of a Jaguar XJ were:

  • Suspension problems
  • Fluid leakages
  • Frequent wear and tear of seals, transmission fluid, etc.
  • Few electrical problems that can be easily avoided

Price is another factor that has made Jaguar XJ drop down on the popularity list. Buyers can easily go for a little more affordable BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes S-class. German engineering is renowned globally for durability and luxury, so people often choose German cars above anything else.

While Jaguar holds the prestigious honor of manufacturing cars for the British Royalty, their charm had gone down after Ford acquired it in 1999, as they could not find enough takers in the United States. Subsequently, both Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata Motors in 2008, and since then, there is a steady improvement in the reliability factor of the Jaguar.

Also, Jaguar’s SUVs have instilled new life in the luxury car segment and the company. Tata Motors announced a 5 year warranty period on all Jaguar and Land Rover cars that attracted customers and brought down the maintenance costs significantly. The Indian luxury car market has witnessed a slump recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Jaguar is one of the worst-hit luxury car brands in terms of sales.

While debutants like Volvo are making good progress, Jaguar needs to find the rhythm to stay top of their game.

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