What is the best-selling second-hand car? -

What is the best-selling second-hand car?

What is the best-selling second-hand car
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BMW 3 Series is the best-selling second hand luxury car in India in recent times. Although the sales figures for brand new units took a sharp dip during the first wave of the Covi-19 pandemic, the demand for used BMWs grew suddenly as a majority of owners started selling their cars for a better option, and subsequently, the demand and supply gap decreased rapidly. In the Indian luxury car market, the demand for used or pre-owned luxury cars is steadily growing due to many reasons.

First and foremost, after the pandemic, people are willing to buy more individual cars for commuting, keeping in mind the social distancing norms in place. Moreover, since the depreciation cost of brand new cars is high, people are opting for used cars that were produced or bought first hand within the 4 to 5-year duration (2016 to 2021). People have now realized that not only the luxury cars help them make a statement in their social circle, but also are more reliable and safe in the long run.

BMW manages to tick all the boxes when it comes to buying a performance-driven car, is luxurious to ride, and is reliable. The 3 series witnessed major upgrades post 2016 and this improved the brand’s overall image in the domestic circuit. The compact sedan built and design has been a favorite for car enthusiasts all over India. Moreover, the affordability has improved the sales figures both for brand new and used units.

Another very important reason why the sales figures have shot up is that the company understands the needs of the customers quite closely. The BMW Premium Selection is a dedicated dealership chain introduced by the company to cater to the demands of the used luxury car segment. Potential customers can now walk in the showrooms and drive away a certified pre-owned BMW without any hassle. The company ensures that the used cars are maintained in pristine conditions even after years of usage. This strategy is also aimed at attracting new users to get a picture of what it feels like to own a BMW in the long term. So the company is not only managing to generate revenue through the used car segment but also trying to improve sales for the better, upcoming variants and models. The 3 series is one of the most sold units in India in the brand new luxury car segment as well. Thus the company can easily market and deliver this model at affordable prices.

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