Used BMW X3 Maintenance: These 9 pro tips which no one is talking -

Used BMW X3 Maintenance: These 9 pro tips which no one is talking

bmw x3 maintenance cost
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The new BMW X3 model is a luxury SUV launched in 2018 in the Indian market by the German giant. It is available in diesel and petrol engines, both having a displacement of 2000cc. Refreshing design and new cabin features make the X3 a favorite among luxury SUV lovers.

Second hand BMW X3 has a high demand in the Indian market owing to its ruggedness and long life. BMW has established a wide network of service centers and dealerships, making it one of India’s most bought luxury car brands.

The longevity of any vehicle is determined by regular maintenance and judicious use. Although BMW is known for its robust design, it is still important to follow careful maintenance techniques to get the maximum out of your vehicle. Here, we will cover pro tips for used BMW X3 maintenance:

The Maintenance Cost of BMW X3

The maintenance cost of the BMW X3 depends a lot on the handling by the previous owner and the time period elapsed from the date of purchase of the new vehicle. A properly serviced vehicle means that the maintenance costs will remain affordable for a longer period. The estimated annual cost of maintenance for this particular SUV amounts to up to INR 57,000 for a diesel variant and INR 42,000 for the petrol variant in India. This cost is estimated over a period of 3 years from the first purchase.

It must be kept in mind that with respect to time, the cost naturally goes up. It is ideal to buy a used BMW X3, driven from 40,000km to 60,000km. That way, the warranty period remains still applicable, and you can adjust the initial costs of maintenance accordingly.

BMW X3 engine treatment and components to use (like best engine oil for petrol/diesel engines, valve steam oil, etc)

The purpose of ideal engine oil is to form a protective layer over the engine’s internal components and protect them from wear and tear while improving overall efficiency. The oil filter ensures that the engine oil remains in top-notch condition and without impurities over a long period.

The recommended oil change for a BMW X3 is every 10,000km or 12 months, whichever is earlier. The fuel filters must be changed every 55,000km, while you must change the engine coolant along with the engine oil. The typical specification for the most suitable engine oil is 5W-30 high-performance synthetic oil across all engine configurations. The Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 engine oil matches the requirements for a BMW X3.  

BMW x3 engine oil

How to avoid BMW X3 starting issue after a long time

The X3 is one of the most reliable luxury vehicles available in the market. Still, like any machine, it requires regular check-ups and repairs to ensure all the interconnected parts are in prime working condition. Prolonged usage or non-usage can cause the engine of X3 to cause starting troubles, which can be avoided by doing these things:

  • The Battery terminals must be kept free of corrosion at all times.
  • You must check the starter motor regularly for the misalignment of gears.
  • Inspecting the alternator after nearly 2, 00,000 km. An alternator recharges the battery on the go, and you must check it for faults after prolonged use.
  • Inspect the fuel filter if the car has not been used for a long time. A clogged fuel filter can reduce fuel efficiency as well as cause starting problems.
  • Check the spark plug connections regularly to ensure proper ignition.
  • You must check all fuses and relays regularly for faults. A blown fuse or faulty relay can cause starting problems.
  • If the car is parked outside in cold weather, there can be a starting problem. It can be avoided by checking the battery first and cranking the engine several times before starting.

BMW X3 AC compressor maintenance

Air conditioning is the primary luxury element of any automobile these days. Using and maintaining a car AC can be troublesome if small problems are ignored for a long time. With small regular checks and repairs, you can avoid any major damage. You can follow some handy tips for maintaining the X3 air conditioning system:

  • Checking and replacing a dirty Cabin air filter in time can reduce damages drastically. Ideally, the cabin air filter should be changed after every 20,000km driven.
  • Cleaning a clogged condenser can help improve the efficiency of the car AC and reduce maintenance costs.
  • A refrigerant leak is the most common problem faced by all car owners. Small components like sealant rings must be checked and replaced regularly to avoid leakages.
  • You must check the blower motor for proper functioning to maintain optimum airflow and cooling. You cannot repair a faulty blower motor.
  • The compressor clutch must be properly inspected and lubricated regularly to ensure the smooth functioning of the AC.

Can we upgrade or replace an old X3 AC compressor with a new one?

The compressor is the most important and most expensive component of any car air conditioning system. The internal moving parts of the air compressor can fail at times, and metal debris might enter the circulation system. Leakages can occur in a faulty system due to faulty seals and lead to damage to the compressor. It must be noted that the seals in the AC compressor cannot be repaired once damaged.

While upgrading an AC compressor in an old X3 is not recommended, it can be replaced with a new one. Upgrading is not recommended because of compatibility issues and hardware problems. The cost of replacement of the X3 compressor can go up to INR 69,000.

how to maintain bmw x3

BMW X3 chassis maintenance, mud flaps maintenance, and bumper maintenance tactics

The BMW X3 consoles has a built system check which triggers a warning when any component is not working optimally. Chassis stabilization error comes up when there’s either an alternator fault or the engine suddenly starts limping. The underbody or chassis holds the drivetrain, axle and wheels, and various other components important for the car’s functioning.

Likewise, mud flaps are also important body components as they prevent the dirt off the road from getting into the braking mechanism of the wheels and engine compartment. The front and rear bumper protect the internal metallic lining of the chassis and the engine compartment from three sides.

These body parts must be checked and maintained regularly for a stable ride. Chassis maintenance includes checking the axle alignment, looking for damages and repairing after a bumpy ride, checking for leakages in the shockers and engine mounting.

Software updates in BMW X3 and points to remember while updating

BMW regularly releases software updates for its vehicles, which can be installed from time to time. These updates are important for better multimedia support and compatibility with new smartphones. You can update the software through the BMW ConnectedDrive App/ My BMW app. The iDrive updates are essential for the diagnostics and control services to perform smoothly. The control service is the software that regulates, controls, and measures the driving functions.

You must remember the following points while updating the X3 software:

  • The updates are necessary to keep the car updated as per the latest security and quality norms
  • The new updates may introduce enhancements that may improve the efficiency of the car as a whole
  • The updates are released through official announcements in various regions globally and can be availed through the mobile apps

The major difference between different X3 models (30i luxury line, xDrive30i SportX, and 20d Luxury Line)

BMW X3 comes in 3 variants- xDrive 30i SportX, xDrive30i Luxury Line and xDrive 20d Luxury Line. While the first two variants come with petrol engines, the 20d Luxury Line is the only diesel option. The diesel variant is also the highest in price as it is the top model for the X3. All the safety features and infotainment systems remain the same across all variants. The 20d Luxury Line churns out a maximum power of 187bhp. The 30i Luxury Line and SportX both have a maximum power output of 248bhp,

How to check mileage and performance of a BMW X3

The ARAI claimed mileage of BMW X3 is 13.7kmpl for the petrol variant and 16.5kmpl for the diesel variant. You can check the fuel efficiency on the instrument cluster display. Fuel efficiency depends a lot on the driving style and road conditions. In Indian conditions, the mileage may vary from city traffic to highway drive. Moreover, the latest BS6 emission standards have improved the fuel, which delivers higher performance and is less polluting than the predecessors.


The BMW X3 is no doubt a reliable machine in Indian conditions. It is spacious, comfortable, and loaded with features, making it all the more lovable among luxury car lovers. The attractive design and stable, smooth ride add icing to the cake. You can stay updated on all the latest news and announcements about the BMW X3 on our blog. Stay tuned for more information on the cars you love.

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