Where is the best place to find one owner, used luxury cars for sale in India?

pre-owned luxury car

The Indian luxury car market has been growing rapidly since 2015 because of the relaxation of government policies and the entrance of new companies in the country, who were, till then, catering to the rest of […]

Which so-called “luxury car” is the worst buy?

Cadillac Escalade

Luxury cars are carefully crafted and are the flag bearers of a carmaker’s commitment to quality and performance. Buying a luxury car is a dream, while it is just a status symbol for others. For […]

What’s one of the cheapest luxury car brands to maintain?

lexus car maintenance

Lexus, the luxury division of the Japanese carmaker Toyota, is one of the cheapest luxury car brands to maintain. The reason is fairly simple. Toyota is a renowned car manufacturer and ranks very high in […]

Is Audi the highest quality of luxury cars?

used audi a6 car

Audi luxury cars have the best durability in the luxury car market. Audi has improved and added a plethora of features onboard their vehicles to stay ahead of the competition in recent times. It is […]

Which car would be better? A new sedan or a pre-owned luxury car if usage is under 15k per year. Is it too costly to maintain a used luxury car?

Is it too costly to maintain a used luxury car

If you are looking for a reliable car and you are planning to use it fir at least 10 years, you must go for a new sedan. The major difference between a new sedan and […]