Should I buy a used luxury car? -

Should I buy a used luxury car?

buy used luxury car
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A common question that crosses the minds of consumers while looking for a brand new car can buy a used luxury car is a good decision. Consumers today are more connected and more aware of the latest trends in the automobile sector. With the major players trying to maintain their stronghold and new global players entering the Indian domestic market, the competition has upped a few notches. This has resulted in competitive pricing and a plethora of options for everyone.

Indian car enthusiasts are shifting from the regular premium car segment to the luxury car segment because of the fall in prices due to the competition we talked about. Convenient financing options have allowed consumers to break down a major chunk of the money into easy EMI’s for buying luxury cars. Moreover, the entry-level luxury car segment has evolved considerably with automakers introducing more variants in that segment and decreasing the choices as we go up.

Reduced taxes and excise duties have also helped few debutants in recent years such as Volvo, to make their presence known to the Indian customers. The Big Three of Germany have already set up assembly plants and manufacturing units in the country to capture the market more aggressively without worrying much about the cost constraints. All these factors combined with an increased presence of the luxury car makers in Indian Tier II and Tier III cities have resulted in an overall upheaval of the luxury car sales figures significantly.

The used luxury car segment has, thus, got a major boost. The reliability factor that these vehicles are popular for is the main reason why even the used luxury car segment has risen considerably. People are getting an option to buy a second hand luxury car at a price at par with a brand new top-end premium car. Major organized players in this segment like Mahindra First Choice have made it possible for customers to find the ride of their dreams in a pristine condition. If you are getting a good car in excellent condition at half the original cost and sometimes (if you are lucky) an extended warranty period, then you should definitely go for a used luxury car any day.

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