Should I buy a high-mileage luxury car? -

Should I buy a high-mileage luxury car?

Should I buy a high-mileage luxury car
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Buying a high mileage car can be more beneficial, although it might not seem so at first glance. Higher readings on the odometer indicate that the car has been driven regularly and performed well under high-intensity conditions. Apart from the wear and tear of the rubber parts, a high mileage car tends to have a more lubricated and well-maintained engine if the service has been done at regular intervals.

The depreciation curve flattens after 60,000 km or so, which means another 30,000km and more can be easily added to the odometer without having to worry about the resale. Another important reason that people often overlook is the duration between services. A car that has less mileage reading might be in pristine outer condition, but the less frequency of driving can result in a longer duration between services and oil changes. This can indicate that the sludge built up within the engine and other lubrication-dependent mechanicals can be high.

The maintenance cost of a high-mileage luxury car can be a bit worrisome for owners. Though high-mileage luxury cars can be cheaper, the long-term ownership cost can be as high as INR 80,000 annually on an average.  The best way to avoid that is to run regular checks and inspections on the vehicle and follow a disciplined driving regime. This not only helps the car in regaining its shape if it has been standing idle in the garage for a while but also ensures minimal wear and tear for a long period.

High-performance luxury cars tend to show visible signs of problems and faults here and there if not used judiciously. High mileage luxury cars have a better performance rating for a 5 year usage period, but you might miss out on the value if you don’t plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time. All in all, going for a high-mileage luxury car can be a good decision, given that you are ready to compromise on the resale value afterward.

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