What is True Market Value Of Pre-owned Luxury Car? And Why Should You Care? -

What is True Market Value Of Pre-owned Luxury Car? And Why Should You Care?

true market value of pre-owned luxury car
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How does TMV(True Market Value) fall year after year for a brand new luxury car?

The value of a brand new luxury car continues to decline as it is used. However, the depreciation of a car is not constant; it resembles a curve. Shortly after the new registration, the drop in prices is particularly steep; the car’s greatest depreciation occurs within the first year. The fall in prices levels off somewhat between the second and third year. Thus, going for a pre-owned luxury car is a wiser option.

One of the reasons for the rapid loss in value of new cars is the oversupply of young 2nd hand luxury cars in addition to demonstration vehicles from dealers, there are also many ones to three-year-old cars on the market from leasing returns or decommissioned rental cars, which then lower the average residual value.

A new luxury car loses 11% of its value after leaving the parking lot

If you are thinking of getting a newer vehicle, you should consider investing your money in a newer used car if leasing is not an option. After all, buying a car is still one of the second largest purchases within a private household – after buying a property. New luxury cars lose their value much faster than second-hand luxury cars.

In the first year, particularly the average loss in value when driving 15,000 kilometers is usually almost 25 percent. In the following years, the average loss of value levels off at an additional five to six percent per year. And yet, the actual value still achievable on the market has already halved for many vehicle models after the first three years.

Drops by 15%-25% each year up to the 5th year

There’s no way: a new vehicle starts to lose value as soon as it leaves the dealership. To give you an idea, it is estimated that, on average, 10% of the value will be lost as soon as the purchase is made. But it is possible to have control over this percentage since some factors cause a greater depreciation.  

All of this contributes to the depreciation of the vehicle, which occurs more rapidly in the first 3 years after its manufacture, and this you can avoid by choosing from our pre-owned car collection of second-hand Audi cars and even used Lexus. The detail is that this estimate of 10% may vary according to the consumer demand for the car since the less sought-after cars suffer a greater devaluation than the most commercialized models.

On a 5th-year car worth 37% of its total value

(This TMV % varies from luxury car models to models)

A brand new car’s true value comes down to almost 37 percent of its worth at the time of buying in just 5 years, and in that value, you can have a pre-owned range rover. The value decreases due to the vehicle’s expected life since the government determines a time so that they can function fully if they are well taken care of.

Each year, the car automatically suffers discounts on its market price due to wear and tear caused by use. Besides, the loss of value also happens, of course, due to the state of conservation of the car.  

You can visit here to check the True Market Value (TMV) of your preferred pre-owned luxury car while buying it.

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Is buying an affordable new car / a high-end used luxury car better?

Thanks to the growing popularity in recent years of buying used luxury cars, this option begins to sound like a reasonable thing if we are looking to make a vehicle for our daily lives. Buying a high-end used luxury car is always a great decision rather than buying a cheap new car.

Despite seeming obvious, the great point in favor of getting a car of these is all the experience that comes from the hand: more amenities, technology, luxury, and style. The interior is generally upholstered with high-quality, sturdy materials such as wood, leather, and aluminum, as well as soft-touch inserts. More things come in favor of second-hand luxury cars. 

Step 1 (Paperwork)

Nowadays, you can find out a lot about a car from the license plate. You simply enter it on the website of the RDW, and a list of data will immediately roll out. The MOT date, year of manufacture, technical data, whether the car is registered as stolen, and much more. You can do this before viewing the car.

Once on-site, it is important to check that the seller’s identity matches the registration certificate’s name. After all, you can’t be too careful. Also, check that the vehicle identification number (VIN), whether it’s a second-hand Mercedes or any other, matches the number on the hood or under the windshield.

Step 2 (Check body)

If everything is correct on paper, it is time to take a closer look at the car. Do this thoroughly, and do not let the seller rush you. Check for scratches, wear, leaks, and rust not only on the outside but in all possible places. Do not forget to check the seams and see if the tailgate and doors are still nice and straight.

Step 3 (Check mechanical parts)

The engine is the heart of the car. So it’s worth taking a closer look. Get an overall impression and first check whether the engine compartment is clean. If the engine has been washed, this can be an indication that the seller is trying to hide leaks.

    1. Are engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant of your selected second-hand Audi Q7at the required level?
    2. Are there any traces of foam or oil in the cooler water?
    3. Pay attention to the tubes: are they porous?

Step 4 (Check electrical parts)

Although it is a generally valid recommendation, it is important to make sure that all the systems with which the car is equipped to work in optimal parameters. Some aspects are more important than others. An electric window that climbs harder to fix than a problem with the charging plug or the lack of a significant software update, checking the air conditioner’s cooling, and all the other lighting’s. It is preferable to have a tester with you to prevent potential errors more closely.

market value of used luxury car

This guide will help you avoid making some 8 costly mistakes when you’re considering buying a used luxury vehicle

To buy a used car and specifically a luxury preowned car, you have to consider several aspects. Together with the information, today, the choices that every buyer can make to ensure that they receive precisely the vehicle they want in the way they want it have increased.

Going over your budget

Nobody is looking for just any car. If you want to buy a used car, for e.g., a second-hand Audi car, you already have an idea of what you need. If all goes well, you know in advance what you want and what your car may cost.

Well… A car on loan is not a disaster! So this is wrong, wrong, and wrong! Your budget exists for a reason, and the most obvious is that THIS is the amount you could afford (now). So choose a budget and stick with it!

Not having plenty of options

Going for the wrong car just because you don’t have many options, which is something that you could regret later. You were wondering about buying a used Porsche, but you choose the wrong car under the influence of the seller. Sometimes people just buy a car because they just want to have one, and that can be the biggest mistake people often make.

Always pre-decide which car you are going to buy or keep some options; don’t go under pressure and choose the wrong car. Value your time and choose the best car according to your needs.

Contacting sellers from far away places

Avoid sellers who are far away from your place or in a different city. Always find a seller nearby to you or those who live in the same region. A wise option, in this case, is to find a dealer online. Many dealerships present their entire fleet directly online.

Not checking the vehicle’s service history

Here, we highlight a tip that requires a specialist’s company, such as a mechanic you trust. Normally, original parts carry some type of indication from the manufacturer, such as the assembler’s logo printed or embossed as we have in our second-hand luxury cars.

The purpose of this is to identify possible changes not recorded in the vehicle’s maintenance history. In addition to parallel parts that do not have the same durability as the authentic ones, some components will cause even greater wear on the mechanical assembly.

Communicating with the seller “just because of the good relation”

Don’t just buy the car because you know the owner; it can be an advantage, but no one would sell by putting themselves on a losing side. Familiarize yourself with the model in question and its weak points. You can usually find information on this easily on the Internet.

If possible, take a second person with you who is familiar with the subject, especially if you have little knowledge of cars yourself. Allow enough time, and don’t let the seller push you.

Drive-away as soon as you see the car and like it

Don’t just fall for the looks of the car. This is one of the most difficult faults to be corrected. One of the first things that any consumer does is to choose the car that pleases him, and the design weighs heavily in this decision. But you have to go to the dealership with an open mind! This way, you will also consider interest rates, values, consumption, and insurance price.

A good suggestion is to take a test drive with three models, like if you are buying a second-hand Benz from the same line. Try to analyze each car’s disadvantages and advantages, checking which is the best alternative for your needs. The design can be taken into account, but it should not be the most important feature.

Choosing the wrong car

Because of dealerships’ promotions, many consumers end up buying their pre-owned luxury cars out of excitement. But we are talking about an acquisition that is not made every day!

It is essential to analyze several factors before the handshake. Think carefully about whether the car on offer will meet your demands, and only close the deal after making sure that you have made the best decision

Forgetting the paperwork or some of it

As we already mentioned, when buying a used car, whether it may be a BMW 3 series second-hand car, it can come in make-up. The problem is that, in the eagerness to close the deal, almost nobody checks whether everything is right with the car.

Therefore, always check all the documents and verify them with the information on the car; also you can count on the help of a mechanic so that he can detect possible problems and for a confirmation that the purchase is a good opportunity.

Help Indian car enthusiasts to find the best deals and the best products by accessing the right data and connecting with genuine dealers.


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