Reliability Of Pre-owned Luxury Car: 10 killer points to remember -

Reliability Of Pre-owned Luxury Car: 10 killer points to remember

reliability of pre-owned luxury car
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When you buy a car, whether new or a pre-owned luxury car, one of the doubts that grips the owner concerns its reliability. The problems inherent to mechanics or electronics can be easy or difficult to solve and, in some cases, can involve a considerable economic outlay.

Brief on the reliability of the luxury car brands in terms of their engine and other components

Among the various analyzes carried out during the year to determine the brands and models that offer the most confidence to their owners, some are of great relevance to both manufacturers and consumers.

This report becomes relevant, as a vehicle’s reliability can seriously affect how satisfied a customer will be with a luxury car in coming years and can significantly affect the resale value when it is ready to get replaced.

Before that, for eight years in a row, Lexus held first place in ranking the most reliable three-year cars. It improved its score from 106 problems to 100 last year but was still relegated to fourth place by Porsche; thus, you easily rely on a used Porsche. German manufacturer Audi holds the 14th position whereas BMW shifted to 17th position. Luxurious brand Mercedes at rank 21 with Lesson as its least reliable model and GLA as its most reliable car.

The life of any vehicle is defined by the combination of regulated disciplines for it

Modern machines like a second-hand Mercedes are complex mechanisms cars that combine numerous engineering solutions that have improved over the years. All this makes car maintenance difficult and not always clear. Driving instructors believe today it is rare for anyone to service a car on their own. However, there are nuances; remember which you will extend the life of your “iron friend.”

  • Use only the brand and type of fuel specified in the operating instructions for your pre-owned luxury car. Gasoline must have the appropriate octane rating.
  • Do not skimp on engine oil because the functioning of the engine largely depends on its quality. Besides, observe the temporary oil change schedule.
  • Always prepare your car on time for a change of season. It can be either replacing tires and all the necessary fluids or, for example, covering the body with special protective compounds.
  • It is recommended to store the car in a dry and well-ventilated area, where the car will be protected from direct sunlight.
  • If the car needs minor repairs, do not delay.
  • Check machine parts such as bearings, spark plugs, etc., regularly. The timely finding of worn-out parts will save you from expensive repairs for your BMW 3 series second-hand.

reliability of pre-owned luxury car

Major & minor oil changes, additional services required on a regular basis

The oil has to do a lot in the engine: its lubricating film ensures that the moving engine parts do not rub against each other. Without the protective lubricating film, the piston and cylinder running surface would seize up within a very short time – this would result in a total engine failure.

The oil film also ensures the fine seal between the piston’s wiper ring and the cylinder running surface. And it takes on a cooling function on thermally stressed parts.

Engine oil:

Yet, it is an element that plays an essential role, both for the correct functioning of the engine and for its protection over time. Thanks to the presence of oil in your Audi A4 second-hand, the mechanical components can move and slide together, making it feel like a new car without the strong friction that develops irreparably damaging the individual pieces.

It is always thanks to the engine oil that the small particles of soot generated when the car is started are captured, thus protecting the engine from impurities. However, due to its role, oil is subject to very high-stress levels: how often should the engine oil be changed?

The frequency of the change:

Regardless of the type of car, whether a brand new usual car or a second-hand premium car, a certain regularity of the engine oil change is still essential, if the car is powered by petrol, the change must be carried out every 15,000 km. In contrast, in the case of diesel engines, it will be sufficient to intervene every 25-30,000 km.

Regular replacement of certain belt, polyV, V belts, and idler pulleys required at specific KM intervals

Being a component subject to wear, the belt checks will increase as the kilometers traveled increase. It is usually recommended to inspect the service belt at least annually to ensure there are no tears, notches, or grooves due to wear. The following needs to be checked at regular intervals for better engine performance.


The charge regulator is very often responsible for alternator malfunctions. It regulates the transmission of current from the alternator. If it is defective, the part can only be thoroughly checked by a specialist garage. Replacement is often the only solution.

Cables and plugs:

Cables and plugs connecting the generator to the battery can fail. Cable breakage or other causes can wear cables and weaken or even interrupt the power supply.

V belt:

When the V-belt of your 2nd hand BMW is worn or too loose, the power flow between motor and generator becomes too weak. The alternator is not defective but is no longer able to receive kinetic energy from the engine.


Replacing the alternator/generator is not easy for every layman. Especially because of the many different damage factors, it is often advisable to call in a specialist garage. Nevertheless, this is always a matter of budget.

It requires flushing with high-quality coolant grades depends on the make/model year of the vehicle

The engine cooling system is vital for its smooth operation and long life of your pre-owned Audi car. It often happens that many motorists overlook this detail, seriously putting the entire engine at risk for not having spent a few minutes checking the coolant.


Heat exchanger. It removes heat from the fluid reaching the engine. The liquid flows through channels that are blown with cool air.

Radiator Fan:

Assists the radiator in lowering the temperature of the liquid, accelerating the airflow. It is electronically or mechanically driven. The fan blades intensify air circulation when, e.g., the car slows down or stops suddenly. Some vehicles may have two fans – one primary and one secondary.

Coolant pump :

Also known as a water pump. It forces the fluid to move in the system.


regulates the coolant flow, ensuring that, firstly – the engine gets the right conditions for operation as soon as possible; second – the coolant is cooled at the right moment, protecting the engine from overheating but not reducing its operating temperature too much.


receives heat from the fluid employing a fan whose task is to direct hot air to the passenger compartment.

reliability of used luxury car

The mechanical aspects of electronic devices such as thermostats, relays, modules, bobbles, injectors d, computer boxes are all combined

It is simply impossible to imagine modern cars like a pre-owned Range Rover without electricity and electronic devices. Thanks to them, the car engine starts, a comfortable ride is provided, and the operation of almost all sensors.

Electronics like thermostat relay greatly facilitate and simplify the process of driving a car. Thanks to the electronic control unit, which practically independently of the driver controls the operation of almost all systems and parts, the likelihood of accidents is significantly reduced.

The undoubted advantage of a car electrician is the comfort that it gives inside the cabin: lighting, air conditioning other than the inner comfort. It gives that thrust to the engine and various sensors that work well in combination with mechanical aspects. It keeps you informed about your vehicle conditions with the help of warning and indicator signs on the computer board of your pre-owned Audi Q5. 

It is important to look after the transmission system

The transmission system takes the impulse from the engine. It directs it to the drive wheels – to trigger, a series of secondary assemblies are needed, which have a significant position in realizing the whole process. This system includes the clutch, gearbox, distributor, planetary shafts, differential, and 3 types of transmissions (main, Cardan, and final)

There are many ways to prevent the rapid degradation of the transmission system – a recommended approach is to protect each element as much as you can. For example, be careful not to force the clutch, using it in unnecessary moments, when you could use the engine brake without shifting into a lower gear.

However, certain segments over which you have no direct control – therefore, it is good to consult with specialists who will provide you with a series of services suitable for your new car or an Audi second-hand. Only by resorting to such help can you find out what car parts are needed to maintain your vehicle in optimal condition. 

Engines can be fixed based on the type of damage

To avoid having an engine overhaul, it is always necessary to carry out correct and constant routine maintenance. Always and only use quality materials. It also includes the quality of the oil and the oil properties in the engine circuit, which must be at least equal to those imposed by the parent company.

Furthermore, as soon as a possible malfunction is felt, it is advisable to contact your trusted mechanic to clarify its nature: waiting and driving more kilometers with a malfunctioning engine could cause damage. That makes it irrecoverable for rectification and regeneration activities.

By remanufactured engine, we mean an overhauled unit whose dimensional tolerances of all mechanical parts have been reported as the new one utilizing rigorous checks and possible replacement of damaged parts. 

Engine breakdown: The engine must be rebuilt to make full service

In a car overhaul, it is ideal that all items are properly checked and adjusted. Even so, some of them can be prioritized, given that they significantly interfere with the use and performance of even a high-end car like second-hand Mercedes. When an engine fails, it does not mean that the whole engine is working now; you can give your engine a new life by replacing the faulty parts.

Do not also forget other essential elements for the car, which must be kept, such as headlights, mirrors, windshield wipers, hoses, direct injection, and so on. The cleanliness of the nozzles also needs to be checked during the car overhaul. With these precautions, your direction will be much safer. If any other questions arise, inform yourself through your manual. 

Luxury cars can run even more than 200k miles

Preventive care maintenance is a safe investment that helps you save money in the future and keeps your car valued for longer. Therefore, schedule yourself to do the complete automotive overhaul whenever necessary.

By taking all the preventive measures mentioned above, you can increase the lifespan of your pre-owned luxury car. Although luxury cars’ maintenance cost is a bit higher than the usual cars keeping your car serviced at regular intervals can avoid unpleasantness on your long trips as they easily keep going 150k-200k miles after one service.

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