Is Lexus cheaper to maintain than BMW? -

Is Lexus cheaper to maintain than BMW?

Lexus car maintenance cost
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Lexus is the luxury car segment from the Japanese automaker Toyota. It was first introduced in the United States in 1989 and subsequently started making its impact globally. Lexus officially entered the Indian luxury car market in the year 2017 and since then has managed to create a separate fan base for its vehicles. Toyota is known for making extremely comfortable and reliable cars in the premium segment. The Lexus division gives stiff competition to its German counterparts in this regard.

Talking about the maintenance costs, a Lexus is far more affordable than a BMW on any given day. Through independent surveys, it has been found that the quality and build that Lexus offers in its vehicles is 33% more than a BMW in the same price range. This definitely reinforces the fact that a Lexus would require lesser visits to the service center, is more reliable in the long run, and is easier on the pocket when it comes to owning it for 10 years.

BMW, on the other hand, has been a pioneer in performance-driven ideologies when it comes to automobile engineering. In recent times, BMW has compromised with the quality quotient to stay in the competition, but the focus on performance is unwavering. This is one of the major reasons why the average maintenance cost of BMWs has increased in recent years. Owners of a BMW tend to test the limits of these vehicles and end up paying high on repairs and damages if the cars are not handled carefully.

All in all, Lexus has been an absolute revelation for car enthusiasts in the domestic car market. The brand is not as performance-driven as BMW but is more reliable and comfortable in the long run. The availability of spare parts and service support from Toyota is an added benefit because Toyota already has a huge network of service centres and depots all over the country. The spares of Lexus are not even very expensive when compared to the German automaker.

Thus we can safely conclude that a Lexus is cheaper to maintain than a BMW, but you should not expect the ride quality, performance, and handling to be even close to a BMW.

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