How to Sell Pre-owned Luxury Car In 5 Easy Steps below -

How to Sell Pre-owned Luxury Car In 5 Easy Steps below

sell pre-owned luxury car in 5 easy steps
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Selling a used car privately is not a healthy walk, but with organization and awareness, you can simplify the process and make the most profit possible. In this exclusive guide, we will try to give you the right advice.

Step-1: Get your car ready

A clean vehicle will be more attractive to potential buyers and give the impression that you are attentive to detail. Before photographing the vehicle and placing it online, you will need to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior for a better price for the pre-owned luxury car. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you follow these steps:

Make sure the car is completely worthwhile which adds to the sale value

The visual impressions can convince you to buy your car in the end. So it’s worth refreshing its appearance before taking pictures – thorough cleaning is a must.

We do not recommend using an automatic car wash or a garden hose. The amount spent on professional cleaning can pay off in the form of a better car appearance and a slight increase in its value.

Some cleaning companies even offer special pre-sale washing of second-hand luxury cars  – it’s worth taking advantage of this option.

In addition to cleaning the car, we also recommend removing all tuning decorations from the car. The new owner may not like them. 

Indoor and outdoor wash/dry/polish

Wash the body

Washing your car is one of the cheapest things you can do. You don’t even have to spend a penny on it if you have the basic cleaning supplies and tools at home. All you need is warm water, washing-up liquid and a sponge, and a drying microfiber cloth. Of course, it’s worth buying a car shampoo, insect remover, and rim cleaner, but it’s not necessary.

If you only have to wash your 2nd hand luxury car by hand and yourself once in your life, do it before reselling it. The car should be washed by hand because the car wash will not give you such an effect.


A neatly polished body looks much better than even washed on the so-called manual car wash. Remember to wash the body of your used Porsche and also where dirt appears only after opening the door (sills and nooks behind the door). After washing, dry the car body thoroughly with a good microfiber cloth.


You can also entrust the cleaning of the interior of the car to specialists. Thorough vacuuming of the floor, washing the upholstery, refreshing leather elements with a special agent, or gentle cleaning with a plastic shine are some of the many cleaning elements.

The trunk must be immaculate, and all the crumbs and clumps of dust should disappear from the recesses of the car. Refreshing should be done wisely – the interior dripping with poster and the suffocating excess of the air freshener may arouse suspicions in the buyer, just like a washed engine. 

Add hub cap to the wheel

The visual issue is indisputable. A nice hubcap will make any car, whether it be a BMW 3 series second-hand, look more attractive, regardless of its age. And it does not matter if they will be hubcaps for a blue, silver, or white car. After deep cleaning the rims, add a hub cap if any of them is missing as it makes the car look complete.

A nice hubcap will hide the rim’s scratches or corrosion that occurs after several years of driving in changing weather conditions. Replacing hubcaps is the easiest and fastest way to improve the appearance of your wheels. 

Gear check-up

The steering wheel’s level of wear, gear lever knob or pedals, and seats can give the buyer a hint that the car has been used for a long time. However, fixing these minor issues can help you get the best deal.

Step-2: Search for the best dealers and list them

Often, car owners try to sell their vehicles on their own without being aware of the difficulties of direct selling. The first problem they face is the right car pricing. Often, the car, e.g., a used Porsche owner, approaches the vehicle’s value too personally, and his sentiment causes the car’s price to be prohibitive and effectively scares off potential buyers.

As a result, not being able to sell the car for some time, the owner begins to doubt the possibility of finding a customer and greatly reduces the price, especially when he is under time pressure. Reliable determination of a given vehicle’s value is not easy and requires appropriate knowledge and experience, and often browsing similar offers on classifieds websites is not enough. 

Research of the dealers you are interested in selling

If you want to sell your pre-owned Range Rover, you first have to ask yourself whether you are offering it for sale privately or having it bought by a dealer. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. The private sale is often more lucrative, but you have to take care of a lot. Test drives, negotiations with potential buyers, and many inquiries can be stressful. If you decide to sell privately, there is usually no getting around the online used car exchanges.

If you prefer to sell your car to a dealer instead, it would be wise that you research a lot and make a list of the potential buyers. Also, you have to note that these are professionals who can estimate the car’s value very precisely after a brief appraisal. They often try to get the car as cheaply as possible. It is, therefore, best to set your pain threshold for the list price. 

Multiple dealers check-out to get the best price

To get the best out of your second-hand Mercedes deal, you have to make efforts. Efforts just by taking out your laptop or phone and searching for nearby dealers. Check their experience, customer ratings also; when you put your car on sale advertisement, many buyers will contact you, but only a few of them will be potential buyers. Always go for the customer who is offering a good price for your car. 


During a sales pitch, it is helpful to highlight the positive aspects of the car. However, you mustn’t hide problems or deficiencies. Always answer questions honestly; otherwise, complications with the buyer can arise afterward.

Overall, it puts you in a good position when there is no need to sell the car. Let the prospect feel that you are only selling if they get a good price. Also, the vehicle’s affection, even if it’s a Benz second hand, maybe made clear. However, do not be too in love; otherwise, prospective buyers will be put off. 

Price it a bit more than you expect

If you sell your car online, your car will have to “fight” against many other more or less similar used car offers. It could also be a very coveted car, which usually sells well on the second-hand market, but it certainly won’t be the only one if you sell it online. For this reason, choosing the starting price well is essential: do thorough research to understand what average price is online for that car model, with those characteristics of age, kilometers, and equipment. If the car is in excellent condition, you can also put it up for sale at an above-average price, but no more than 10% more than the others, or the offer will almost certainly be rejected.

If you sell your second-hand Mercedes car, sooner or later, someone will ask you the fateful question: “The car interests me, but how much can you go down with the price?”. This is a pitfall: the counteroffer that will be made to you by the potential buyer will be lower than your minimum price, which is already lower than the starting price.

This is where the art of selling comes into play: you must look at the same time and show yourself available to negotiate, without, however, clearly saying a figure that could backfire. 

how to sell used luxury car

Step-3: Park your vehicle

Choose a safe area, possibly adjacent to low-traffic roads. Ensure your insurance covers other drivers, and ask the prospective buyer to show their driver’s license. Before giving him the keys of your Audi pre-owned, you can also ask to photograph the driver’s license with your smartphone. Always accompany the potential buyer. If you do not feel comfortable being alone, ask a friend or relative if they can come with you, especially if the potential buyer is bringing a friend or a mechanic to better check the car. You don’t want to be outnumbered.

Also, try to get to know the potential buyer better to understand what he is looking for in a car, what he is currently driving, and why he wants to change. All this will be useful to better emphasize your car’s advantages that correspond to what the buyer is looking for and considers most important. 

Step-4: Get done with the mechanical inspections of the car

If the buyer wishes to have your Audi Q7 second-hand viewed by a mechanic, accompany him and make yourself available for any explanations. It’s wonderful to make the buyer satisfied, so if he wants to inspect your vehicle, you don’t have to worry as you are already prepared for it. 

Step-5: Close the deal with the dealer

When everything goes well, and you are getting a fair price for your pre-owned luxury car, it’s time to close the deal. But the risk of being scammed is a possibility that must be considered when deciding to sell a second-hand car without the agency’s intermediation. By taking the appropriate precautions, you can protect yourself and conclude negotiations without unpleasant surprises.

Scams mostly happen during payment. That is why it is not recommended to be paid after having handed over the change of ownership.

Help Indian car enthusiasts to find the best deals and the best products by accessing the right data and connecting with genuine dealers.


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