How To Maintain Your Used Mercedes Benz? A Comprehensive Guide to Follow -

How To Maintain Your Used Mercedes Benz? A Comprehensive Guide to Follow

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Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular luxury car brands in India. The sheer comfort and features that you can find in these cars are hard to beat. As more and more people know about Mercedes-Benz online, the sales figures have gone up in recent years. There is a large set of consumers in the luxury car market in India that is focusing more on buying used Mercedes-Benz cars. New models are being introduced in the market more frequently, and luxury car owners are upgrading rapidly. Thus, well-maintained used Mercedes-Benz cars that are only 3-4 years old can be easily found in the market.

Since the number of used Mercedes-Benz cars has increased over time, there’s a need to understand how to maintain these luxury cars. First-time buyers usually find it hard to understand maintenance basics as these cars are quite different from our normal premium cars.

Daily maintenance tips for your used Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz cars that are 3-4 years old have a lot of electronic components. From 2016 and onwards, the company had introduced many new features and improved the basic electronics for controlling the car.  Most of these cars have automated systems that are governed by the central control unit. You must maintain these complex electronics regularly to have a hassle-free drive. You can also get the system scan done for the car before buying it, along with an independent inspection.

Apart from the electronics, one should be careful about the tire air pressure, battery and fuses. These are some of the most basic parts of any car, and a simple fault can lead to troublesome consequences. Cleaning the car regularly is also very important to keep the ventilation system blockage-free. Regular daily check-ups can be done manually and do not require any skilled technician to do so. Many times, simple observations can identify the problem and help fix them in no time.

The maintenance cost and service duration for used Mercedes Benz

The average maintenance cost of a used Mercedes-Benz could go up to INR 90,000 annually for 3 years. It depends a lot on the age and condition of the car. Moreover, more wear and tear is likely to occur while driving in not-so-friendly driving conditions. The service duration for a used Mercedes-Benz is typically 12 months or after every 40,000km driven.

Major maintenance components of used Mercedes

i. Engine oil grade

Majorly, Mercedes-Benz engines perform for a longer period on fully synthetic engine oils. For this purpose, one can use either Castrol Syntec 5W-50 or Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic 5W-40.

ii. AC compressor

The air conditioning system of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is a very efficient and powerful component. From a luxury perspective, an air conditioning system is the most important feature of a vehicle. Mercedes has introduced a 4-zone climate control system in top-line luxury models for enhanced comfort. You must check the AC Compressor regularly for leakages. Also, you must clean the cabin air filters regularly to remove debris.

iii. Engine overhaul

Mercedes designs its engines for high performance and efficiency. These engines are made to last and can withstand high-pressure conditions without budging. In the long run, you must conduct regular checks to ensure that the engine of your Mercedes is in top-notch condition. Faults such as valve ring breakage, engine oil leakage, or camshaft damage can cause the engine to cease. You can only resolve such failure by replacing the engine or replacing the components that make up the engine.

iv. Car tire life

You can extend the car tire life by always monitoring the air pressure. Care should be taken while rotating the tires. Also, one must make sure that the size of the tires to be installed conforms to the standards set by the company. Any unnecessary modification can damage the tires severely.

v. Rocker arm break

The Rocker arm is a major component that transfers the rotational motion of the camshaft into the linear motion of the valves. Rocker arms usually fail under high pressure. Axle misalignment or a very bumpy or rough terrain can damage the rocker arm. The rocker arm cannot be repaired and must be replaced at the first sign of damage.

vi. Brake pad check

All-new Mercedes vehicles come with a disc brake mechanism these days. The brake pads are highly durable and can work without any hassle for nearly 10,000km. The brake pads must be checked for wear and tear and should always be replaced in sets to ensure the even functioning of the braking system.

vii. Gear oil capacity check

Auto-transmission fluid is a major component of any Mercedes car. Care should be given to the level of the gear oil, especially in used vehicles. Normally, transmission fluid capacity is around 5 litres and must be maintained at all times for a smooth drive.

viii. Air filter, Oil filter check

You must replace the air filter and oil filter every 10,000km in Indian conditions. The air filter filters out the air reaching the engine for fuel combustion while the oil filter ensures that the engine oil is free from debris and the optimum viscosity of the oil is maintained at all times. Ideally, oil filters are changed during engine oil replacement in general practice.

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Emission standard Mercedes Benz follows for different models

Mercedes-Benz follows the emission standards set by the European Union. The carbon emissions shall not exceed 95grams/km driven by the vehicle. In the early 90s, the average value was set at 160g/km, which is being brought down eventually through different phases.

Most selling used Mercedes Benz models in the market

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest luxury car manufacturers to have introduced its vehicles in India. Over the period of time, few models have really been able to make an impact on Indian consumers. Let’s take a look at some of the most sold used Mercedes-Benz car models:

  • C-Class (2014)

The Mercedes-Benz C-class is one of the best luxury cars on offer by the German manufacturer. Particularly, the W204 C-class garnered a lot of resale due to its power-packed performance. The 2-liter engine has a maximum power generation of 200 hp and 500 Nm of torque generation. Its luxury features were way ahead of its time and are still quite competitive even after seven years.

  • E-Class (2016)

The E-class was one of the most sold cars in its early days. The exterior design, high ground clearance, and dominant style make it even more lovable in the used car segment. It has the same engine as the C-Class but was slightly high on the pricing due to advanced features like multi-zone climate control and driving assist. It is also longer and more spacious than the C-Class.

Does maintenance cost varies between different used Mercedes models and Why

Maintenance cost does not vary much in used Mercedes models because the earlier versions were based on a single architecture. Nowadays, as the company has developed more advanced drivetrain and powertrain options, newer spare parts have to be imported, making it slightly difficult for car owners. Also, in the last decade, the demand for used Mercedes cars was lower, and so was the service cost. With fewer units on the road, there wasn’t much need for a wide network of service centers.

The maintenance cost varies from segment to segment, whether the car is a saloon, a hatchback, or an SUV. Thus since most of the earlier Mercedes Benz cars were saloons, the maintenance cost remains more or less the same.

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How to reduce the service cost

Vehicle life depends a lot on how you use it. Discipline is very important while using high-performance luxury cars to get the maximum output for a long period. Regular maintenance and daily check-ups can bring down service costs significantly. Judicious use is recommended while owning a used luxury car. Simple cleaning and keeping the car clutter-free can help improve the mileage and avoid major damages in the future. Similarly, keeping the car close to stock condition is another way to save a lot on maintenance costs.

Should you do service at an authorized or local service center for your used Mercedes models?

Mercedes-Benz cars are high-performance machines that have hundreds of interconnected parts and electronics. Getting the car serviced by an unskilled professional can create more problems for you than avoiding it. You should take your vehicle to an authorized service center as much as possible because they have trained professionals to deal with the issues. Also, authorized service centers have spares readily available that can save a lot of time if any component requires replacement.

How to find out the extra service charges added by the service center

Service centers can sometimes charge you extra without your knowledge which can be a big problem in the long run. You must always consult the service technician about the inspection charges or any other hidden charges beforehand. Normally, you can ask the technicians about the problems associated with your vehicle and how they plan to resolve them. You must also ask questions post-service to ensure that the work done on your vehicle complies with the service committed to you in the first place.

Trusted service centers in India for used Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz itself sells pre-owned cars through its select authorized dealers. The idea is to provide the best services to the customers to build brand loyalty. These dealerships have a network of their own service centers and Mercedes ASCs to help customers with the after-sales service. There are many trusted authorized service centers that have a long working relationship with the company. You can access the list of these service centers through the official website of Mercedes-Benz India. For more details, you can call their customer care numbers too.

Mercedes-Benz has carved a niche for almost 3 decades since its entrance into the Indian luxury car market. A pre-owned Mercedes promises to deliver as a brand new one because of its longevity and reliability. These machines are built to last and can deliver high performance and luxury even after years of usage. That is the reason why it is a very popular option in the used car segment!

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