8 Certified Pre-owned Luxury Car Lessons That Will Pay Off -

8 Certified Pre-owned Luxury Car Lessons That Will Pay Off

what is certified pre-owned luxury car
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What is a certified pre-owned luxury car?

When we say a certified pre-owned luxury car, we mean that  100 checks will be carried out before relisting a car that can be either the pre-owned BMW cars or any other brand. This service represents a valid opportunity for those who intend to buy a used hybrid or electric car with certified kilometers.

Following the checks, all parts deemed unsuitable are restored and replaced with original spare parts. The results of checks, the state of wear, and the certification of kilometers are all reported in a report that accompanies the certified used car for sale. 

Do you differ between a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle and a used luxury vehicle?

When you make up your mind that you have to go for a used vehicle instead of a new one, there comes a choice that should you go for a regular used luxury car or a certified used luxury car.

The certified luxury second-hand car models indeed will be a bit costlier than the used luxury cars but remember it comes with a proper warranty of the parts and with the authenticity of the mileage. A normal used car becomes a certified used car after several inspections and tests.

A non-CPO vehicle may not be tested and inspected by the dealer; also, the refurbishment is only done to make it look attractive for sale. After the sale is made, any tear-offs or repairs that the car needs will be from your pocket as the dealer doesn’t provide a warranty.   

Every car maker has different parameters that need to be fulfilled for a car to be called certified. Not all used cars can be certified. The most important aspect is that a vehicle should be collision-free. Many factors like low mileage, manufacturing year matter while certifying a car.

When deciding whether it should be a certified used car or a used car, you have to consider the planned useful life:

  • A new car is especially worthwhile if you plan to drive the car until it is scrapped.
  • You should consider buying a used car if you do not have the financial means to buy a new car.
  • If you only drive a few kilometers a year anyway, a used car is also of interest to you.
  • If you are going for a luxury used car, you should go for a certified model.

Common advantages of purchasing a certified pre-owned luxury car over a general used luxury car


Buying a used car is a matter of trust. In an attractive selection, you are looking for the security of purchasing a vehicle checked by a specialist and is guaranteed to have a high-quality standard. Because you want a vehicle, whether it be Audi second-hand cars that give you pleasure while driving and offer you safety and reliability. Your expectations of a high level of quality are met under the certified pre-owned car.

Here you can get used cars,

  • which have been checked down to the smallest detail
  • whose quality standard is proven with a certificate.
  • For which your dealer takes full responsibility.
  • You can put all your trust in the unique performance promise of the dealer.


With the certified used car partner, you can drive your used Porsche reliably for longer, protected from unexpected repair costs – throughout. All assemblies included in the guarantee can be found on the following pages, illustrated and described. You can simply have a warranty claim resolved by your dealer- they will be happy to do everything else for you if your dealer is too far away from the damaged location – no problem! You report the warranty claim to the nearby and, after approval, can have the repairs carried out in any dealer’s authorized workshop.


Shortly before the warranty of your second-hand Mercedes expires, your certified used car partner will be happy to inform you about the warranty extension program so that you continue to be protected against expensive repair costs.

what is certified pre-owned luxury car

Keep in mind 10 important tips before you buy a certified pre-owned luxury car


It is essential to know what you intend to buy. Keep in mind the model, whether it be pre-owned Audi Q3, intended version, and standard equipment. Know the average price of the market before opening a trade; only then will you be able to identify potential good deals.

Legal situation

It is good to know the history of the car and its regularity: see if the documentation is up to date (IPVA), if there are fines, how many owners, among other information, before closing the deal. In the face of pending issues, negotiate regularization.


Check the mileage of the chosen car, be it 2nd hand Mercedes, as this impacts the equity value and the need for maintenance. If mileage is average (car year x km), you probably won’t have to worry anytime soon.

Static evaluation 

It is important to pay attention to the visual part of the vehicle. For example, undulations, the difference in tone in the painting, and variation in cracks (hood, doors, and trunk) can indicate that the vehicle has undergone some type of repair.

Electrical and electronic parts

Start: the car must start first. It is important that all lights are working and without oscillation; test air conditioning, multimedia, windows, electric locks, mirrors, etc.

Test drive

If possible, ask the seller to take a ride on the vehicle. When driving, you will see if the car pleases you and does not have any operation difficulties.


Even if you find no problems, it is recommended to listen to your trusted mechanic before having the jaguar pre-owned experience. Professional mechanics detect other, more subtle symptoms just by listening to the engine running, for example.


When defining the vehicle, you are going to buy, it is important to ask the shopkeeper for an insurance simulation to be protected from any unforeseen circumstances.


Before visiting a store to buy pre-owned premium cars, do an online search to compare models and prices.

No down payment

Remember: if you are going to finance, choose a partner car dealer from a financial institution. Never, under any circumstances, pay in advance and also do not pay any type of advance fee for credit approval.

Is it the right choice for a certified pre-owned luxury car to be purchased?

A certified used car – officially a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle – can be an option if a new car doesn’t fit your budget or if you want more cars for your money. Certified vehicles like BMW 3 series second-hand or any else undergo an extensive point-by-point inspection and include warranty coverage. Traditional used cars are often sold “as is” or with a wafer-thin short-term warranty that does not provide comprehensive coverage.

The main reason for buying a Certified luxury vehicle is peace of mind. The protection provided by a warranty, backed by the guarantee of a multi-point inspection, is designed to give you a new in-car experience for less money.

If you choose Audi pre-owned and the car is not approved, it is not certified. In many cases, because the manufacturer also supports the certification, it indicates that you have a partner on this purchase who will get behind the car – even if the dealer doesn’t. 

certified used luxury car

Tactics for negotiating with certified pre-owned luxury cars

Many people are blocked by shame before negotiating for a second-hand luxury car. But in the case of second-hand things, it is difficult to estimate their value. With cars, this task is even more difficult. A given model is sold in a showroom in different versions; then it moves on different roads, is driven by different drivers, has a different number of kilometers traveled on the meter, it is also serviced in different workshops, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

A good way is to start the negotiations with a statement like: “I am interested in this car, but it has some drawbacks, so I can offer the amount of XYZ for this pre-owned Range rover model.” In this way, we inform the seller that the vehicle is of interest to us, so he has a chance to sell it to us.

It is very important to offer the seller an amount lower than the maximum we can pay. No self-respecting seller will agree to our offer and will want to increase the price we offer, if only for the sake of principle.

How reliable are certified pre-owned luxury cars at dealers and what best inspection checks are followed to keep the cars up to the mark?


Every used car is thoroughly inspected in advance and carefully checked by certified car experts. When the car has passed all checkpoints, it will be offered for sale with the Autoexpert warranty label.


All our Autoexpert used cars have an odometer history report from the RDW (Rijksdienst Wegverkeer). Previously also known under the name NAP (National Autopay). With this, we exclude illogical mileage readings from participation in an Auto expert.


Wherever you go in Europe or anywhere else, you can opt for 12 months of Roadside Assistance for your Mercedez C class second-hand as standard. Carefree on the road with the certainty of mobility.


Buying second-hand luxury cars is a major financial expense. A smart solution to preserve capital is tailor-made financing with competitive interest rates. Auto expert has favorable terms and conditions and flexible acceptance for both business and private transactions.


In the first year after delivery, you also enjoy free ServicePlus at all Autoexpert dealers. Our technical experts are happy to help you with, for example, tire and windshield repair, fluids and tires check/top up and replace bulbs.


In addition to the top technical condition of an Auto expert used car, thanks to the 85 point inspection, every used car under the label is also optically in top condition. Professionals in the field of reconditioning only carry out the preparation for your second-hand Mercedes.


Every Autoexpert used car comes with a 6-month warranty as standard. If this is not enough, our Auto experts will allow you to add an extra warranty to the standard term. This way, you are certainly excluded from unexpected costs.

Pro and cons for a used luxury car and a certified pre-owned luxury car

Advantages and disadvantages of used cars

  • The biggest advantage of used cars is, of course, the low purchase price. A car that is four years old is sometimes offered 50% below the pre-owned luxury car
  • Another advantage is the immediate availability. As soon as you have found a suitable model, you can usually have it immediately.
  • A major disadvantage of used cars, however, is that the warranty period has usually expired.
  • Furthermore, you can never know exactly how the previous owner handled the vehicle.

But used certified luxury cars also have advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of a certified model is that you get security.

  • You also have the full warranty period for the parts and even for the paint.
  • You can drive the car yourself, and you can be sure that it is an accidental free model.
  • The disadvantage of a used luxury car is the price a bit higher than the used ones.
  • Another disadvantage is that you don’t get many options as most luxury cars come certified.

Certified pre-owned luxury cars still have a large group of fans, as it turns out, not without reason. The decisive factor is, among others, lower price, but not only that. There are also other factors not necessarily related to money.

Help Indian car enthusiasts to find the best deals and the best products by accessing the right data and connecting with genuine dealers.


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