How to buy a used BMW car? Is it worth buying? Read this article -

How to buy a used BMW car? Is it worth buying? Read this article

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Owning a BMW car is a dream of many; however, it can be a tougher task for a normal car enthusiast due to its price. But there is also an opportunity for buying a used BMW car or any other second-hand luxury car. So if you are seriously looking for a used BMW, you should know different aspects related to the car that needs to be considered that you will read in this guide.

Is it worth buying a used BMW and its benefit over other luxury brands?

If you are thinking of getting a 2nd hand BMW for you or planning for a  fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series sedan that made its debut in 2004, you can get a better and latest used model with more features.

Currently, the BMW second-hand price is as little as some dollars, although generally, such copies require an own large contribution to bring them to a working condition. Therefore, is it worth buying a used BMW E90, and if so, why should you pick the BMW over any other luxury brands.

  • BMW Cars are more complete:

By opting for a used car, you guarantee a much more complete car, investing less. After all, the category of used vehicles is found between “zero km cars” and “used cars.

  • The engine is more powerful:

As you may well know, luxury cars are always more powerful. Choosing the new, used, or used will not regret it when it comes to the engine.

  • Safety items are bolder:

Security is also a differentiator. Of course, no one has unpleasant surprises, but rather to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Even pre-owned Luxury cars have airbags scattered throughout the car, protecting the driver and passengers from traffic accidents.

  • More design and comfort for you:

The difference is in the details. Elegant features and a refined finish are trademarks of luxury models, famous also because they combine beauty with functionality.

Leather seats that can be heated finished with superior materials and connectivity between media are some items that combine design and comfort in the category.

Who should own a used BMW?

BMW is ready to drive cars whether it’s a new one or a used model. A car enthusiast who has always dreamed of owning a BMW but the pocket doesn’t allow it. The time has changed now; your wish can be fulfilled with the used luxury model that is nothing less than a new one. Any 2nd hand BMW is fully loaded with lots of features that are even missing in the usual car nowadays.  

A BMW can be owned by people of any age, sports lover, and models like BMW 1 series 118d sports line and BMW Gran Turismo. And it’s for those who love luxury can own a second-hand BMW 3 series luxury and BMW Gran Turismo luxury lounge edition.  

First, decide your requirement, i.e., model, KM drove, ownerships

Buying a second-hand luxury car is something that will cross your mind sooner or later. There are many tempting options in the used luxury car market, whether in the form of a supercar with a few years behind it or a representative saloon that had already stopped representing as it did when it was young.

For the price you have to pay for a new mid-range car, you can find in the second-hand market that model you have always dreamed of, the one that you carried in the lining of your school folder. But is this you require today? You have to be smart while choosing which model suits you best and all about its ownership.

Which model to choose?

A family car and a sports model behave differently in traffic. Therefore, when you decide that you want to invest in a car, you must first decide what basic features you want to have. Currently, the cheapest 2nd hand BMW in the market would be X1, and the price range goes up according to the model year.  

Say no more: you have fallen, and you also want to have an SUV that will not disappoint you every time you have to link two curves in a row. The solution to your problem is called X1 2011; it can be yours for 6-7 lakh and will be equipped with a 116 hp diesel mechanism again, enjoys propulsion.

If you want to own a car with luxury and also good mileage, you should go for the following models:

BMW 3 series, BMW X1, BMW 5 series.

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KM driven requirements

The car’s life is usually derived by total mileage; the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase weighs what has happened to the car in its history. To put it into practice: a car with a hundred thousand kilometers that has had a regular life without heavy repairs gives much more security for the future than one that has made fifty thousand kilometers but which, due to a series of alterations, has one or more components, perhaps not secondary ones in precarious conditions.

But there can be some cases where you are getting your dream car but with more kilometers on the odometer, so choose wisely and know your needs.

Read here:How to avoid meter tampered used luxury cars from untrusted dealers.


When buying a used model per your needs, you can go for different ownership of the same BMW model and different BMW second-hand prices.  The recommended ownership would be a  1st owner car. Mostly a 1st  owner car is found to be in its best condition as the same person mostly drives it with the same driving style.

But a 2nd owner or 3rd owner car might be at lower prices but soon turn out to be expensive as it needs more maintenance. Know your needs and decide accordingly.

The benefit of buying a certified used luxury car and why you should consider it

You might have always dreamed of driving your own BMW along with your family but looking at the price; you decide to back off.  The pre-owned luxury car is the best option where you can get all the luxury feel by paying a small price. There are many more advantages that come along with a used luxury car.

  • A luxury feel in an ordinary amount

At a price of a mid-range normal car, you can get the feel of luxury, a car loaded with features like ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof, and a wide touch screen top-class infotainment system. Most importantly, the brand you are getting to drive like BMW, second hand Audi under a price range of mid-range usual cars.

  • Stable depreciation value 

Everyone knows the worst part of having a car is that it starts losing its value as soon as it leaves the showroom. But this is not the case with a used luxury car.  A used luxury car has already depreciated its value in the initial years, and now when you own it, its value will be retained for some years.

  • Safety

There is no doubt that a luxury car will have a complete security system. One of the main characteristics of luxury car manufacturers is that they focus on providing the best technology to their vehicles. And these are the ones who usually get the best marks in Euro.

  • Best in class comfort and features

The time you enter your luxury car, you won’t be going to regret your decision.  When you choose luxury, you get all high-end features starting from making a keyless entry and smart windshield wipers. The driving comfort is non-comparable, and no ordinary news will give you that driving experience at this ordinary price.

Click here to know more benefits about Certified pre-owned luxury cars.

how to buy used bmw car

  • Feel more confident

When you go behind the wheels of your second-hand luxury car, you feel more confident as it creates a status symbol among your friends and neighbors. It reflects your personality and makes an impression that you are doing well in your life. It feels no less than a celebrity when you reach any marriage function or any professional meeting in your BMW.

It is also undeniable that cars are emotional purchases, so if the used luxury car makes you feel good, go for it (even knowing that it would not be the best choice for someone else).

One trick is to choose a unit from the last year of a generation, as small initial manufacturing errors have been fixed over time. And be very careful with high-powered engines: they are more likely to break (and more expensive to fix).

Research about all the best dealers in and outside of the city and contact them

When looking for a 2nd hand BMW, you probably want to buy one from someone who:

  • Will not deceive you when it comes to the car’s past; it will give you the real mileage, it will not hide any defects, faults, upcoming repairs,
  • Will have a documented history of car repairs, e.g., at an authorized service station,
  • Will guarantee that the car will not break down right after it leaves the commission shop,
  • Will give a reasonable price.

Can such sellers be found at all? Yes, but you need to know where to look. Buyers who are looking for proven, reliable sellers have two options: go to an authorized car dealership or find an unauthorized commission with certificates.

You can search on the internet for all the nearby authorized used car dealers and start contacting them. Ask them everything related and let them know about your needs and what you are looking for. You can also search for the dealers who are outside the city, and the car prices there would be lesser than those in the city.

Research about the best-used car dealers and know their ratings. You can read the review by their existing customers or, if possible, contact anyone to get a much better idea of the agency.

Look out for good finance options with low interest rates

Despite the credit crunch in place for several years now, the pre-owned luxury car market has always kept the door to financing open to allow an increasing number of customers to be able to buy the car of their dreams and thus not lose important shares.

The car loan is defined as an alternative payment system that provides for the total repayment of the car amount plus some interest through convenient monthly installments.

Research about the banks that have the lowest interest rates and some good finance options. We have assembled a list of Indian banks that offer the lowest interest rates.

  • UCO Bank is offering loans at 8.45% onwards.
  • Andhra bank provides loans at an interest rate of 8.90 % onwards.
  • PNB offers at an interest rate of 8.95% to 15 lakhs.
  • Central bank offers loans at a rate of 8.45%.
  • SBI bank offers loans at 9.66 % onwards up to 20 lakhs.

Compare the loan offer

If you decide to borrow your Audi a4 second-hand, there are issues that you should clarify before borrowing so that you can choose the best possible product. At first glance, the banks offer their loans on almost the same terms, but there are still small differences that can mean a difference of up to thousands of forints in the monthly installments.

Before borrowing, always look around and compare the offers of different financial institutions.

Inspect the car with a luxury car expert mechanic with all aspects

Manipulated speedometer, concealed damage, missing papers: when buying a used luxury car, you can quickly experience nasty surprises. To prevent this from happening, you should take an expert mechanic with you and work through the used vehicle checklist.

It is not always easy to tell a reputable car salesman from a black sheep. But: There are at least some clues. A trustworthy second-hand luxury car, for example, speaks openly about previous damage and defects in the car.

It provides complete vehicle documentation (including a well-maintained service booklet, TÜV report, AU certificate ) and, in the best case, a technical report from an independent body. Customers can take a leisurely look at the used car and test drive it in detail.

Appearance inspection:

  1. External inspection is carried out only on a clean car and in good lighting. First, make sure that the car was not repainted, hiding the traces of the accident.
  2. Check if the paint’s shades differ, if there are traces of soil in the cavities of the body, on the glass and rubber seals.
  3. Repainting on your choice of pre-owned range rover can be determined using a special device. This thickness gauge determines the paint’s thickness and varnish coating and its compliance with the factory specifications.

Checking the engine:

  1. Open the hood and inspect the engine.
  2. Traces of oil and rust under the gearbox and engine are the first sign that something is wrong with it. Also, check hoses and belts for cracks.
  3. With a dipstick, check the level and thickness of the oil, inspect the filler cap. There should be no water or metal particles on the dipstick and plaque on the lid.
  4. A serviceable engine runs without whistling, rattling, and rattling sounds. Extraneous noise is a sign of a malfunction that threatens to turn into a major overhaul.
  5. Check if the engine runs stably at idle. If it stalls, then the reason is faulty spark plugs, injector nozzles, or an electronic engine control unit. Repairing these faults is a hole in the family budget.

Taking a test drive is a must

First, test the car of your choice as a passenger. This is the only way you can look around the interior in peace. Check the instruments in the cockpit: Are any indicator lights on? Are the speedometer and tachometer working properly? Test the air conditioning, electric exterior mirrors, heated seats, radio, and all other electrical functions.

Do you notice any irregularities or disturbing noises while driving? Pay attention to unusual switching noises.

  • If you are behind the wheel, pay particular attention to the following details: When the ignition is switched on, the indicator lights in the cockpit (ABS, ESP, airbags) must light up briefly and go out when the engine starts.
  • Does the engine run smoothly and start right away? Is the clutch dragging?
  • The transmission should shift easily. Does the steering wheel of second-hand Mercedes vibrate in or above a certain speed range?
  • For the test drive, choose a  road that is not in optimal condition  (potholes, etc.) or has tight bends. Check the car’s response here.
  • Check the brakes in a targeted manner: Outside the city, accelerate briefly to around 100 km / h on a side road with little traffic and then brake more slowly (pay attention to the following traffic). In this way, it can be seen whether the car stays on track or behaves abnormally.
  • The parking is also a good test: noise coming from the drive trains of cars is better heard during slow forward and backward driving.

Negotiate the price and finalize your beast

Buying a dream car is an emotionally charged act, however rational a decision-making is. And it is good that it is so; after all, the acquisition of a vehicle is always an achievement.

Buying a BMW 5 series second-hand car is a pressure-filled activity, especially if you’re in a position where, for whatever reason, you need a car in your life as soon as humanly possible. It is a big and intimidating purchase, especially if you are doing it for the first time, but our guide will be much easier to handle.

Remember – Do not save on diagnostics; check the car very carefully, even perfectly. Any detected flaws may turn out to be the basis for new negotiations, and you will save yourself unpleasant surprises later. If serious faults are detected in the course of professional diagnostics, you can change your mind.

Help Indian car enthusiasts to find the best deals and the best products by accessing the right data and connecting with genuine dealers.


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