How to buy your dream luxury car? read this guide -

How to buy your dream luxury car? read this guide

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All starts from a dream for everyone

Dreaming about luxury cars means achieving independence in your life; that is, you will be able to be free; no matter if it’s a second-hand luxury car, you won’t be depending on anyone, especially in the financial sphere. This is a dream with a positive meaning of achieving financial independence. You are likely to receive an unexpected amount of money or a promotion and salary increase.

How and why one falls in love with luxury cars

When we talk about today’s generation picking pre-owned luxury cars, there can be many reasons. Photos on Instagram, selfies, applications for filming themselves, and live streaming of short films on the net widely relayed on social networks seem to have more and more impact on the luxury customer’s purchasing decisions.

Also, the car is a status symbol. The car gives us a sense of self-esteem, and a beautiful car can make us feel more important than we are. With a car, you can show that you are doing well.

Luxury Cars, whether they are second-hand luxury cars, also create a social distinction; in a neighborhood with many expensive houses, you can still see many large, new, or expensive cars, and often several cars are in the driveway. In a neighborhood with flats and affordable terraced houses, there are mainly smaller cars and middle-class cars. Yet there is also sometimes an expensive or striking copy of someone who wants to compensate for his inferiority feeling with a nice car.

Is it worth buying your dream luxury car?

Anything that makes you happy and feels good is worth doing. Similarly, when you buy a dream luxury car, it will give you immense pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction that you have achieved your goals, and you are going in the right direction.  

Depending upon your lifestyle and choice, buying a used luxury car model is always a wise option keeping the depreciation factor in mind. Also, there are many other factors while considering a luxury car. E.g., the maintenance and repair costs of even a second-hand Mercedes is way more than a regular one, but nothing should come in between you and your dream. Thus, you should never forget if you go for your dream luxury car, get it, and consider the above thoughts in mind.

So from where you should start for it?

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Why not think once for a used luxury car

At first, enthusiasm takes over. Who doesn’t prefer to drive a two-year BMW 3 series second hand or Mercedes-Benz under warranty, rather than a Honda Civic or Corolla, for the same price? Or how about replacing a new Hyundai iX35 with a three-year-old Range Rover Evoque?

Before rushing to the used car market, calm down. Very calm. Before, you need to be aware of this information so that your dream does not turn into a nightmare.

Despite similar purchase prices, the cost of maintaining the premium model is much higher than that of a volume branded vehicle. Remember that the car depreciates, the price of parts does not. Going for a used luxury model can be a suitable choice for you.

The benefit of buying a used luxury car over a new one

If you have the dream of acquiring a supercar, it can be a 2nd hand BMW,  one of those that pulls eyes wherever it goes; the used models can be an excellent idea. It is possible to do exciting deals with more attractive prices.

  • Good prices

For those who buy used models, this is a positive aspect. After all, you can buy a practically new car for a price well below that practiced by the stores. When we talk about luxury models, this difference is even more relevant – imagine savings of more than R $ 50 thousand compared to the zero vehicle.

  • Savings in taxes

In addition to paying less on pre-owned luxury cars, the owner takes advantage of great savings, too, concerning a new vehicle’s rates. It is not necessary, for example, to pay for registration or the issuance of documents. In some cases, you can take advantage of promotions that guarantee the payment of IPVA and other fees. 

People in India preparing to buy used luxury car

According to the various reports, used expensive cars in India began to be sold 5% better than in 2019. A total of 2,143 cars were sold in the secondary sector in 12 months.

The leader in the luxury aftermarket was previously the second-hand Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class. But last year, it lost the lead to British Bentley, which sold 742 cars. This is approximately 35% of the market. The Indians were resold, at the same time, in the amount of 655 vehicles. The third place was taken by Audi, which sold the 3rd most cars among the buyers of the secondary Indian market.

Earlier, the market for new luxury cars in even Russia sank by 15%, and the Krasnodar Territory was among the top three in terms of sales of expensive cars. The Indian market, on the other hand, shows consistent growth in the sale of used luxury cars.

Minimum & maximum budget required to buy a used luxury car

Before you begin any of the steps involved in buying a used car, you need to determine your budget. Obvious? Not completely.

Many buyers already made the mistake of looking for (and unfortunately buying) a car, whether it be a used Porsche, the price of which consumed all their savings. It has never been a successful purchase. And in a short time, he began to be accompanied by concealed anger. On himself. Ask yourself one simple question: what can I do? And don’t cheat! There will still be time to pursue bigger goals or buy a dream car.

We can assure you that it will only be bad with such thinking. If not immediately, then after a short while, nervous glances into your wallet and unforeseen expenses in your account will begin.

Do basic research on your dream luxury car brand & model to buy

When it comes to luxury cars, enthusiasts’ imagination is always aroused. This category of cars combines incredible charm, thanks to the skilled hands of the world’s best designers, with breathtaking performance. Always find out which are the best luxury cars on the market and why the Indian market for these cars has undergone a drastic slowdown in recent years.

If you have always dreamed of owning a luxury car, but your bank account quickly brought you back to the harsh reality, the alternative to consider for such a purchase is the used luxury car market.

Have an excellent previous credit report for your finance

If your goal is to buy a vehicle but don’t want to tap into your savings, the car loan is the perfect solution for you. A car purchase loan allows you to pay your car, new or used, in installments: let’s see how they work and how to find the best loan for your needs.

  • When you apply for a loan, they most often check your credit score, which includes all your previous loan payments and is enough for them to know about you.
  • If you pay your bills or installments on time, you demonstrate good payment behavior and are most likely to have a good credit score.

buy your dream luxury car

Research about various finances options & lower interest rates

Many dealers also offer supposedly cheap car financing, a so-called zero percent financing. With this, you pay off the vehicle in monthly installments without any interest being charged. In this case, however, a cash discount is excluded, and therefore this type of car financing with credit is often more expensive than paying in cash.

Besides, there is usually no statutory right of withdrawal for car financing without interest—research about all the banks with the best lowest interest rates.

Make a list of dealerships from your city/outside the city

The most reliable and proven way to find official dealers for Audi second-hand is to inspect the websites of car manufacturers and find sections about them: “where to buy,” “dealers,” “salons,” etc. it is always wise to make a list of the authorized dealers nearby with good ratings.

You should obtain a list of the official dealers of those brands whose models you are considering. It should be borne in mind that already at this stage, some brands, together with the selected models, may be excluded from our list. For example, there is no single official if you want to buy a pre-owned range rover Evoque, so some difficulties may arise when buying this brand’s car.

The number of dealers depends, first of all, on the size of your settlement. In large cities, several salons with the same brand can be located, and in small cities, many representatives may simply be absent.

Thorough research about the final dealership

Most people, when buying a used car, pay attention to the geographical location of the salon. And this is no coincidence. You will have to come here several times. When choosing a dealer,  and thus pay attention their

  • Warranty and service. Until the moment of the transaction, all managers are extremely helpful, but after that, they are not eager to help the client. If there are reviews on the Internet indicating such a trend in a particular salon, it is better not to contact him.
  • Additional services. A useful thing, but only if they are not enforced. Additional services include insurance, transaction support, assistance in paperwork.

Checking the dealer on the official website of the manufacturer. Everything is simple. Go to the official website of the car of the selected brand, study it carefully, and then find your city.

Contact the dealer and negotiate price is must

When you choose a second-hand luxury car, it’s better to negotiate. Used car dealers will be willing to make some trade-offs to sell the cars they own. Of course, we will not be able to get a 50% discount on the price regardless of the information we have about the car sold. A “common sense” negotiation is mutually beneficial but must be supported by strong and serious arguments.

Also read: How to negotiate like a pro with the used luxury car dealers while buying

Age-specific wear marks or fine scratches are common for an SH car. However, certain details may reduce the price in favor of the buyer. Here we can mention, for example, the lack of a set of winter tires, the pronounced wear of some elements (steering wheel, derailleur, window controls, etc.), pads, used brake discs, etc. which can help you get the best deal on your chosen BMW second-hand price. 

Take a nearby expert luxury car mechanic with you

It is not necessary to be attached to the chosen salon. Visit several, where you can see the model you like in the required configuration. It is recommended to “walk” over the body with an expert local mechanic. You can also bring a thickness gauge device with you or ask the manager – you must give it.

The thickness gauge will show if the body has been damaged in any way. This check is especially relevant when buying a used car. Also, the expert mechanic will help determine whether he is broken or not. For any hidden damage, you can ask the seller for a discount.

Control your emotion while buying a used luxury car

When shopping for second-hand luxury cars, don’t allow your feelings to let you pay higher. If they do, you could come to be paying extra to an automobile than you should.

If you allow your feelings to get satisfactory while shopping for a dream car. You should know there might be troubles with the automobile. However, You had effectively negotiated for your dream automobile for only $2,500, and that’s all that mattered.  

Post buying used luxury car points

Maintaining a pre-owned luxury car can be a tough task. Various factors affect and make it tough to maintain your car. Although different technologies like anti-corrosion treatment and handling techniques are to blame, a vehicle’s body also needs proper maintenance.

Regular washing, removing difficult contaminants (e.g., dried insects, dust from brake pads, resin, asphalt particles), and securing the car are a recipe for a used car’s long service life.

Maintenance of used luxury cars

Many faults in a used car do not show visible symptoms from the very beginning. Some of them will not be visible until the diagnostic station. Damage to tires, brake hoses, and suspension components is severe and can be like a delayed bomb.

Also, check out the step-by-step guide on how to maintain your used luxury car.

In addition to the annual technical inspections that can help you maintain a high-end car like Audi a4 second hand, it is worth ensuring that the car – especially used – also has additional inspections, e.g., during fluid replacement or tire changes. This is a low cost and significantly increases the safety and durability of the used car.

Cost of maintaining the used luxury cars

A luxury car used for being a bargain is attractive, but it can turn the dream into a nightmare when the person realizes the cost of replacing components that need to be replaced regularly or on the first hit”. Thus before you finalize the car, always check the cost of car maintenance and make a physical inspection to understand the condition and cost better.

Luxury brands with lower maintenance

Toyota is, in a way, the most inexpensive manufacturer. Scion and Lexus, the second and 3rd most inexpensive brands, are each subsidiary of Toyota. Together, all 3 are the 10 lowest common maintenance cost cars. Most brands, along with Ford and Dodge, are withinside the center of the pack.

While luxurious motors require the maximum luxurious upkeep, many finance cars are quite high. Kia, an entry-stage brand, surprises with upkeep charges. Cars like even second-hand Mercedes have a high maintenance cost.

The service duration period for used luxury cars

The recommended service duration is mostly 1 year or 10000km. If there is the slightest doubt about the car’s maintenance history, an immediate oil change is required, all filters, and change all fluids (including brake fluid!) after purchase. It is worth noting the service date; thus, the document can be the new “service book” of your pre-owned luxury car so that you can adjust future service tasks according to the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

Follow the above guide entirely and enjoy yourself with your dream car

This article’s purpose is not to make enthusiasts liven up to the luxury model’s dream but to get to know the details and issues that the owners must know to enjoy your “toy” better.

Help Indian car enthusiasts to find the best deals and the best products by accessing the right data and connecting with genuine dealers.


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